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Single Handle Rain Chrome Wall-mount Tub / Shower Faucet

  • Specification Product Description Single Handle Rain Chrome Wall-mount Shower Faucet With Hot And Cold Switch Function
    Suitable Place Bathroom Installation Type Wall-mount
    Valve Type
    Ceramic Valve
    Finish Chrome
    Dimension 98 cm * 45 cm * 19 cm
    Shipping Weight (kg) 7.5
    What's in the box 1 x Shower Faucet Set (including Fixture, Streight Tube, Shower Holder, Hose, Diverter and Faucet Body)
    1 x Rainfall Showerhead
    1 x Handheld showerhead
    1 x Installation Instruction
    1 x Accessory Set
    • It's easy for you to install the faucet correctly even if you never install faucets before.
    • All of our faucets have been proved to be no-leak during lifetime due to the durable ceramic valves.
    • The service life of ceramic valve can attain to more than 600,000 times whick allows our faucets to be used for a long time under 90 degree.
    • Each of our faucets has been performed with 1.6Mpa high water pressure test before delivery to ensure the absolute quality.

    Image Details

    Please kindly note image below is just for your reference.
    Different faucets are shipped with different accessories.


    A: Hose

    B: Other accessories for fixture

    Tools You Need for Installation

    • Adjustable wrench
    • Tape
    • Screwdriver
    • Flashlight

    General Faucet Installation Instruction

    Please kindly note that this is just a general instruction, each faucet you buy from us has installation instruction with details inside package.

    Step 1: Position the Faucet


    A: Begin installing your faucet by placing the gasket and faucet in position on the sink.

    B: From under the sink, thread the plastic mounting nuts onto the faucet shanks. Be sure the large side of each plastic mounting nut is up.

    C: From the top of the sink, check the faucet and gasket position.

    D: From under the sink tighten the mounting nuts, making certain not to over-tighten which could damage the nuts and make them difficult to remove in the future.

    Step 2: Attach the Water Supply Tubes


    A: Wrap the threads of the water-supply valve with Teflon tape. Although most plumbers use only Teflon tape, some plumbing supply manufacturers also recommend using plumber’s putty.

    B: Thread the water supply nut onto the shut-off valve. Tighten the nut with a wrench.

    C: Wrap the threads on the faucet shank with Teflon tape, and then thread the water supply nut onto the faucet shank.

    D: Tighten the nut with a wrench.

    Step 3: Connect the Fauce
    ; and Garden;Faucets;Shower Faucets;Single Handle Rain Chrome Wall-mount Tub / Shower Faucet
    Single Handle Rain Chrome Wall-mount Tub / Shower Faucet

    Other Electronics information:
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